United Airlines Travelling With An Infant – What You Need To Know

Nobody would want to get into trouble when traveling in an airplane. Parents of infants are concerned about taking their infants onto a flight smoothly. Though babies give no guarantee, careful planning and preparation can give you confidence that things will go well. United Airlines allows children up to 24 months to travel without having their own seat.

It is, however, necessary to inform the airlines that you will be traveling with an infant on lap. Only one infant is allowed to travel on lap per adult. To travel with more than one infant, the adult would need to purchase a seat for the additional infants. You can also purchase a seat for the infant if you have the proper child safety device.

With domestic flights, an infant under the age of 2 years can travel without any charges on the lap of an adult passenger.

When traveling internationally, a child under 2 years is generally charged a 10 percent of adult fare even if the infant travels on the lap.

Customers can carry child items like Breast Pump, Diaper Bag, Approved Child Seats and Strollers in addition to the carry-on baggage allowed.

You are not allowed to sit in a designated exit row if you are traveling with an infant. Only one infant per grouping of seats is acceptable due to the limited availability of oxygen masks.

Standard checked baggage allowance applies to infants with tickets. If the baggage exceeds, the excess becomes a part of the adult’s baggage allowance.

United Airlines Car Seat Policy

Customers can use an approved infant car seat for infants traveling with adults. However, the car seat must be approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle for safety standards. The seat must be certified for use in aircraft. The adult should ensure that the seat functions well, the infant is secured in the seat and the car seat is secured to the aircraft seat.

United Airlines does not reserve space for car seats unless a ticket is purchased for the seat. The FAA approved CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) uses a belt and shoulder harness which goes around the seat and attaches to the lap belt. Car seats are allowed for children between 22 and 44 pounds of weight.

United Airlines Stroller Policy

United Airlines allows one stroller without any charges for infants traveling on an adult’s lap as well as infants traveling on 10 percent of an adult ticket. Customers are allowed to carry strollers throughout the airport but they must be checked at the departure gate. Strollers or folding wagons in any size are not permitted as a carry-on item.

Moreover, large, non-collapsible strollers are not permitted at the gate. You should see a United representative at the check-in counter to check the stroller. The airline is not responsible for any damage caused to your strollers. Items like collapsible cribs, pack n plays and other similar infant products are not considered as transportation accessories and not allowed for gate check. Passengers bringing such items to the airport will need to check them as part of their checked allowance for baggage.

Infant Amenities Available on the Aircraft

Amenities available for infants vary according to aircraft. Checking the website can tell you what services will be available to you. A limited number of bassinets can be reserved for free on international airplanes.

The bassinets are usually big enough to hold a child up to six months. They may not be used for landing or takeoff. You can contact the airlines to request a bassinet. Make sure you reserve the bassinet early as they may not be available when you arrive at the airport.

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