Konmari Method For Travel – A Complete Guide

Whatever be the length of the trip, a weekend beach getaway or a week-long international trip, you will need to pack a bag and you want to pack it right. There is a lot to consider when you pack your bag and it is easy to underpack or overpack, particularly if you wait till the last minute.

Today, we talk about the Konmari Method invented by Marie Kondo to help people pack efficiently for travel. This method of packing makes the luggage more organized and lighter and takes the stress of packing away making people more excited and joyful about the trip.

Let us consider the basics of implementing the Konmari Method for packing.

  1. Begin with a positive attitude and a list of what you need. Imagine being on the trip and list things that you will really need.
  2. Pack things that you love. The idea is not to discard as much as possible but to ensure that whatever you hold onto makes you happy. Pick each item and ask ‘Does this spark joy?’ Pack the clothes that fit you well and outfits that go together.
  3. Your luggage should be a quality piece that you love and known for its organizational qualities. The Konmari Method says you should look in the mirror with the piece of luggage and if you don’t love it, you should get rid of it. You should thank those items for how much they have helped you so far and find them a new home.
  4. Sort the items by category rather than by room. The reason is that similar items may be scattered around in the house and not confined to one room.
  5. Think minimal when you pack. Just because there is space, don’t throw in some extra stuff. Pack only the number of outfits you may need. You can save the space to store new things you buy.
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Overstuffed luggage is not peaceful. Try to keep it de-cluttered. Marie says you should fill only 50 percent of your luggage.

Start with a Luggage that Sparks Joy

Get your favorite suitcase in a color that makes you happy. Unzip the entire bag and check the pockets to get an idea of what you can store where.

Fold your Clothes the Konmari Way

The most revolutionary Kondo method for tidying luggage is Marie’s folding technique. It suggests folding clothes tightly in a particular way in triangular shape so that they stand upright. The clothes are then stacked side by side hugging each other.

This makes it easy for you to see each piece of clothing. Such a folding method saves space and keeps the clothing unwrinkled and easy to access.

Organize with Bags and Pouches

Use organizers like packing cubes to get your luggage tidier-looking. You can have a cube or bag for shoes to keep them from getting the clothes dirty.

You can also get one for dirty laundry and a cord organizer. You can get a jewelry organizer and a toiletry bag as well to keep things de-cluttered in your luggage.

Save Toiletries for Last

You can save space in your luggage for a toiletry bag. You can, in the meanwhile, gather the essentials on the bathroom counter to be able to use till the last minute. Keeping them in a view helps you decide which ones you really want to pack. Store them in waterproof bags to protect your clothing.

Get used to how your luggage looks when fully packed. With the Konmari Method, you can quickly become an efficient packer as you can easily see if something is missing. Remember to clean the luggage after the trip and store it empty.

Do let us know whether you will use the KonMari Method of packing the next time you travel!

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