Hobo Packing List – An Essential Guide For The Professional Hobo

Life of a professional hobo is so exciting and fun. Living a travel lifestyle is something that cannot be compared. If you too are thinking about pursuing your dream of traveling around the world, one of the most difficult aspects you would come across is packing! Deciding what to take and what to discard can get overwhelming if you are not used to traveling.

Big and bulky bags stuffed with things you might not need at all can slow you down, limit your flexibility and cost you more. With this in mind, we present this guide to help professional travelers.

Hobo Packing List

Though each nomad’s trip is unique, and it is not easy to create a fully-fulfilling list of essentials because they can vary depending on the place you head to and the duration. However, we list some of the non-negotiable items which can come handy wherever you go.


You will want something to put all your essentials into. There are luggage options that suit different types of travel.

Day Packs are ideal for professional hobos since they are built to offer enough storage space for everything you need and let you do everything you would want to do while traveling. Carry-on luggage bags come in a variety of sizes to let you fly conveniently.


You can consider packing sufficient clothes for 7-10 days and wash as you go. Though the items vary depending on the destination climate, you can generalize your clothing to be ready for a range of climates when you travel for longer periods. You can pack hiking pants, formal and casual pants, shorts, t-shirts, dresses, shirts, fleece, raincoat and travel vest.

Add a pair of running shoes to ease walking around cities. Get some pairs of flip-flops or sandals for casual wear. A pair of smarter shoes can also be added to stay prepared for meetings. Add your underwear and sunglasses and you are good to go.


Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrush, sun cream and all other stuff from your bathroom can be carried in a toiletry bag. If you are going for carry-on, you can stuff the essentials inside a ziplock bag.

If you want to pack ultra-light, you can avoid carrying most of these things as they are readily available anywhere you go.


These essentials are for freestyle travelers. Get lightweight quilts and sleeping bags to accompany you for hiking. To stay dry during camping, you can add tent or bivy sack which is easy to set up.

A water purification system comes handy, particularly when traveling to places where water may not be always safe to drink. Other camping supplies include a small cooking pot, a spork and a stove.


If you are going to work on the road, electronics will be your priority in the packing list. A powerful notebook, a smartphone, portable power pack and external hard drives are essential. You can also carry headphones and portable speakers to add convenience.

To keep your devices powered, you can consider additional phone battery, USB cable and universal wall charger. Photographers may have to carry camera gear and equipment.


If you have got some space in the bag, you can consider pieces like a micro-fiber travel towel, rehydration salts, copies of essential documents, medical kit, notebook and pen, eye masks, hand sanitizer, flashlight and duct tape. Adding some Zip-lock bags will help you when you want to store some spare food from the breakfast or some leftover shampoo.

We hope this exhaustive list of nearly everything you need to travel around the world helps you stay organized and confident on your next trip. Do share your suggestions and experiences in the comments section below.

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