Hardside Vs Softside Luggage – UPDATED 2019 – A Complete Guide

Whenever you enter a store to buy new luggage, the first question you come across is whether you want a . Those who are frequent travellers may already have a preference for one over the other. But if you are looking for the first piece of luggage, it is worth understanding the different between the two types of luggage. Read on to learn about the benefits of each and the factors that can help you decide which suits the best for you.

Hardside Vs Softside Luggage – Which is Best For You?

Hardside luggage is where the exterior is more like a shell than anything else. Softside luggage are Nylon or canvas-like bags that flex under pressure. Softside luggage options are more popular due to a variety of reasons. While hardside luggage offers better rigidity and protection, softside luggage is more flexible and can be fitted into tight areas.

It can even collapse to offer space for other bags. Softside luggage is also more expandable and can be expanded when needed instead of buying another bag. Softside luggage is also less prone to irreparable marks. While both these types of luggage have their own pros and cons, choosing the right type is a matter of personal preference and the kind of traveller you are.

Aluminum Vs Polycarbonate Luggage

Polycarbonate and Aluminum are the two most common types of materials used to make luggage bags. Polycarbonate is more flexible than aluminum and features higher impact resistance, hence making the suitcase stronger.

Aluminum bags are often cheaper than polycarbonate but they are heavier and do not last so long. Polycarbonate luggage can easily bend and dent and retain its shape and offers the highest level of strength among luggage materials.

Disadvantages of Hardside Luggage

Disadvantages of Hardside LuggageOne of the most common disadvantages of hardside luggage is that they show wear and tear quickly. If you bang the hardside luggage onto a wall, the mark can stay on the exterior and become a wound for the entire life. Another problem with hardside luggage that retain some flexibility is that they dent.

A common blemish on a softside luggage can turn out to be a dent for a hardside luggage which can be difficult to get out. The rigidity of hardside luggage can be problematic when you want to get something more out of the bag. Hard bags don’t offer any small exterior pockets to have easy access to belongings without having to open the whole case. They also don’t have flexible sizing options. Most of them don’t have the option to unzip extra space which can be used when needed.

Are Hardside Luggage Better?

Hardside luggage options are trending and they look great. If you use them for long travels, they don’t beat up or get damaged during the air travel. They are also great for organization with two halves. Items can be protected against other luggage packed on the top of them. Luggage will always have something expensive or breakable.

Hardside luggage features rigid frame which protects the valuables stored inside. Another advantage of hardside luggage is weather resistance. They protect your belongings from rain and moisture. They are also easy to clean. Hard luggage bags are less prone to theft as it is not so easy to cut through a hard shell.

Do Airlines Prefer Hard or Soft Luggage?

With higher protection and security, hard luggage is preferable over soft ones for airlines. Hardside luggage can protect the valuables stored inside. Advanced technology and construction make it impossible to break through the exterior shell at the airport or during travels.

Hardside luggage also protects the luggage from rain, moisture and other weather conditions. Hard luggage are also easier to clean. People are less likely to cut through a hard shell and steal your belongings and hence make hard luggage better for airlines.

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