DOPP Kit Vs Toiletry Bag – Essentials For The Modern Traveler

When you travel, whether for a night across the town or just to hit the gym, you need a Dopp kit or toiletry bag. It is a gentleman’s essential. Carrying a Dopp kit or toiletry bag shows that the man is organized. It benefits the person by giving an easy and quick way to keep things nice and accessible.

These organizers are meant to keep your clothing and accessories dry and protected in case of any spills or leakage. In this article, we discuss the features and benefits of Dopp kits and toiletry bags and compare the two types of organizers to help you decide what works when.

What is a Dopp kit?

A Dopp kit is a toiletry bag. It is a small travel bag where men and women can store their bathroom items. The shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, face moisturizer and other things go into the big and stay organized. This bag helps store the bathroom items separately to be able to pack and unpack easily rather than having to fish through the entire suitcase.

Dopp Kit was originally invented by a leather craftsman, Charles Dopplet, in 1999 as a ‘toilet bag’. Over the years, the bag started being known by Dopp Kit rather than the less appealing name.

During World War I and II, each of the soldiers were given a Dopp Kit. The bags became so popular that the company was purchased by Samsonite to trademark the name ‘Dopp Kit’. Today, Buxton owns the trademark.


Though the original Dopp Kit was introduced in leather, different types of materials are available today. Leather, cotton and synthetic materials are commonly used.

A Dopp Kit looks the best when made in leather as it doesn’t stain easily. Leather also looks much classy. Just like any other clothing or accessory, you can choose the material to suit your needs and preferences.


The size of the Dopp Kit depends on what items you want to carry. While some find large Dopp bags convenient, others like minimalist ones. You can consider your requirements and pick the size that is sufficient for your travel.


What is a Dopp kit?Today, manufacturers have introduced some really wonderful Dopp bags in leather, cloth, waxed canvas and other materials.

While some of them are available in classic dark leather with sturdy zippers, others have newer materials and contrast colors.

Hanging Hook

A Dopp Kit with a hanging hook is a great option for travelers. It should be big enough to accommodate a towel bar but bigger ones even hang from a doorknob or shower rod to give more flexibility. A swiveling hook provides amazing versatility.

Interior Organization

A Dopp Kit or Toiletry Bag should have intuitively laid out compartments to make things easily accessible and to be able to store like items together. Such an organization makes it easy to reach for items even when the bag is hanging.


Interior compartments are really important for toiletry bags to keep smaller items hiding behind bigger bottles.

Compartments prevent contents from moving during transit. Toiletry bags with exterior pockets are great as they allow accessing items like medicines without having to open the entire kit.

Color Options

A lot of people choose their items on the basis of aesthetics and toiletry bags are no exception. There are hundreds of options for Dopp Kits available in a variety of style to choose from.

You can find toiletry bags in almost all color options and they even come with additional features like see-through designs, detachable mirrors and more.

Ease of Use

Zip top styles are always the easiest to use. Other convenient Dopp kit options are the wide-mouth styles. They should be durable and last for years. You might be able to use the same Dopp kit over life and this makes the price absolutely worth.

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